What Divided by 64 Equals 13?

Accepted Solution

What Divided by 64 Equals 13?MethodsSetting up the problem:In a problem like this, the “what” means that we’re working with a variable. The most common variable used in math is “x”. So, we could say what number, x, when divided by 64, equals 13?Solving What Divided by 64 Equals 13Here’s how you would set up this question as an equation:x64=13\frac{x}{64} = 1364x​=13The goal of the problem is to solve for x. To do this we need to change the equation so that x is alone on one side of the equation.In this case, we can do that by multiplying both sides of the equation by 64, resulting in this equation:x=13∗64x = 13*64x=13∗64Then we simplify and find our answer:x=832x = 832x=832So, the answer to the question “What divided by 64 equals 13?” is 832.To prove this, we can take the original problem:x64=13\frac{x}{64} = 1364x​=13And insert 832 in the place of x:83264=13\frac{832}{64} = 1364832​=13Because this is true, the answer must be correct.Practice Other Division Problems Like This OneIf this problem was a little difficult or you want to practice your skills on another one, give it a go on any one of these too!What divided by 46 equals 1?31 divided by what equals 10?What is 14/4 divided by 66?What is 16/5 divided by 12/17?What is 26 divided by 7/20?