NASA X-ray observatory reveals how black holes swallow stars

The joint NASA–Italian Area Company Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) has peered deep into the new fuel surrounding a black gap, in observations which are serving to educate us how black holes each swallow and spit out matter.

IXPE launched in December 2021 to review among the most extremely energetic objects within the universe, together with accreting black holes, neutron stars and pulsars. It does so by observing the polarization of the X-rays emitted by these excessive objects. Polarization is the precept by which sun shades work — they block all gentle besides that which oscillates in a particular route. Equally, the polarized X-rays that IPXE detects are electromagnetic waves vibrating principally in a selected route.

The polarization “carries details about how the X-rays had been emitted,” stated lead researcher Henric Krawcynski of Washington College in St Louis in a press release (opens in new tab). With reference to black holes, the polarization additionally tells us “if, and the place, [the X-rays] scatter off materials near the black gap,” Krawcynski added.

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IXPE noticed Cygnus X-1, which is an X-ray binary system consisting of a 21-solar-mass black gap and a 41-solar-mass companion star 7,200 gentle years away within the constellation of Cygnus the Swan. The black gap’s gravity is tearing matter from its stellar companion, and this matter is forming a stream of fuel that spirals across the black gap and types an ‘accretion disk’. Friction throughout the fuel raises the temperature to thousands and thousands of levels, scorching sufficient to emit X-rays. Nevertheless, with frictional, magnetic and gravitational forces all in play throughout the disk, it has by no means been completely clear to astronomers how a few of that matter then falls throughout the occasion horizon and into the black gap’s maw, and the way among the matter is funneled into bipolar outflows that escape the black gap. 

IXPE’s observations, mixed with secondary X-ray observations by NASA’s NuSTAR mission and the NICER experiment on board the Worldwide Area Station, make clear the form and site of the fabric emitting the X-rays across the black gap in Cygnus X-1.

They discover that the X-rays are being scattered off materials in a coronal area 2,000 kilometers broad across the black gap. A black gap’s corona is shaped of ultra-hot plasma and is suspected to be concerned within the manufacturing of jets of charged particles which are seen by radio telescopes racing away from black holes like Cygnus X-1. The polarization of the X-rays measured by IPXE means that Cygnus X-1’s corona extends away from the black gap parallel to the airplane of the accretion disc, and perpendicular to the jets. Therefore the corona is both sandwiching the in-spiraling matter, or really types the inside a part of the accretion disk.

Moreover, the corona and inside accretion disk appear to be misaligned relative to the orbital airplane of the the companion star across the black gap and the orientation of the outer accretion disk. This misalignment may have been prompted on account of the supernova that produced the black gap inflicting the black gap to spin at an angle to the system. This acute spin, and the gravity the black gap wields, may then have launched torques within the inside disk, twisting and warping it.

“These new insights will allow improved X-ray research of how gravity curves area and time near black holes,” stated Krawczynski.

The findings are revealed (opens in new tab) within the Nov. 3 situation of the journal Science.

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