A Plague Story: Requiem review: attractive sequel has rising pains

A Plague Story: Requiem

MSRP $59.99

“A Plague Story: Requiem improves on its predecessor with attractive visuals and extra various gameplay, however it struggles to steadiness its elevated motion and morally nuanced storytelling.”


  • Transferring story beats
  • Extra various gameplay
  • Higher merchandise crafting
  • Astounding visuals


  • Clumsy ethical commentary
  • Weak motion scenes

There’s a selected sequence in A Plague Story: Requiem that captivated me … after which misplaced me simply as shortly. Returning protagonist Amicia and a brand new companion try to rigorously sneak via an space filled with guards (a well-recognized scene in its predecessor, A Plague Story: Innocence). As Amicia, I begin quietly killing guards by beaning them with rocks and extinguishing their torches to ship rats after them. New to Amicia’s approach of doing enterprise, my accomplice asks why she retains killing these guys as a substitute of simply sneaking round them. Amicia retains making excuses, ones that completely mirror my very own twisted logic. “Oh, they had been going to get in the way in which, they usually’re unhealthy guys in any case.” It’s an efficient second of introspection in a sport that’s constructed round giving gamers the choice to be the pacifist in conditions.

Shortly after, I’m thrown into the stealth sport’s silliest sequence. Amicia is backed right into a room and trapped, when guards begin pouring in. I’ve no selection however to kill waves of them with my sling as Amicia provides in to her bloodthirst, locked in a violent psychological breakdown as her accomplice begs her to cease. It’s an over-the-top second the place the sport is compelled to momentarily reckon with its violence – it’s nearly embarrassed of itself, apologizing for all its gleeful killing.

And but, not however an hour later, I’m again at it as if nothing occurred, killing guards with some enjoyable new instruments and unlocking new expertise as a reward for doing so.

A Plague Story: Requiem is a unbelievable sequel on a number of counts. It improves on its predecessor in nearly each approach by finely tuning its stealth and navigation methods, including extra gameplay selection, and delivering a visually gorgeous world that places video games with a lot bigger budgets to disgrace. Its weak spot comes right down to its messy storytelling, which exposes the thematic limits of a medium that’s over reliant on violence as its main type of interplay.

Meditations on homicide

A Plague Story: Requiem is an even bigger model of Innocence in each approach, from pumping up its stealth method to supersizing its size (the sequel is about twice so long as the primary sport). That’s mirrored within the narrative too, which works for a larger-scale story full with some globe-trotting. Requiem continues the 14th century story of Amicia and her little brother, Hugo, who’s stricken with a kind of supernatural illness referred to as the Prima Macula. Amicia is decided to discover a remedy, although her world continues to be within the throes of the Black Plague as hundreds of lethal rats have taken over Europe.

Like the unique, there are moments of the story that shine. Requiem is at its finest when it’s reflecting on how the younger Hugo is being poisoned by the world round him. He’s a sponge absorbing an incalculable quantity of demise amid different cruelties of the 14th century. In a single heart-wrenching scene, Hugo learns in regards to the follow of slavery. Initially distraught over the idea, he falls additional into despair when he finds a stuffed toy left behind by a baby slave. He’s gutted by the concept even kids could possibly be slaves, and much more ruined by the truth that their captors wouldn’t even allow them to preserve their toy. It’s a brutal second, certainly one of many who hacks away at any hope for humanity the harmless boy has left.

The siblings in A Plague Tale: Requiem walk together.

Whereas these scenes are shifting, constructing on the sport’s final thesis in regards to the struggles of defending kids from the horrors of the true world, the message is muddied by its extra overbearing meditations on violence. Like a whole lot of video video games, that is one whose principal methods revolve round killing, and its creators battle to reckon with that. The story routinely pauses to have Amicia query all of the violence she’s committing. Is it ever justified? Is she as unhealthy because the rats that mindlessly devour every part in sight? And what sort of instance is she setting for her impressionable youthful brother?

These could be compelling questions if the territory hadn’t been tread to demise by now. As video games develop into extra narratively bold, however refuse to surrender homicide as a main hook, they don’t have any selection however to slip in some commentary in regards to the ethics of what gamers are doing. The Final of Us did it efficiently, whereas Half 2 struggled to completely deliver house its level about cyclical violence on the similar time that it inspired gamers to leap right into a New Sport+ mode with all their upgraded weapons. Then there’s Ghost of Tsushima, which spins its stealth samurai fight into an ethical quandary about honor.

It’s a careless try that fails to have its cake and eat it too.

A Plague Story: Requiem goes an identical route, making an attempt to raise its motion with thematic intent. Nonetheless, it’s a careless try that fails to have its cake and eat it too. As an illustration, Requiem actively encourages gamers to kill enemies moderately than sneak round them. It incorporates a talent tree that robotically unlocks new skills relying in your playstyle. Selecting to kill enemies unlocks varied expertise that’ll make Amicia deadlier. However even when making an attempt to stay to a nonlethal playstyle (which isn’t totally potential), the stealth talent tree culminates in a capability that’ll let Amicia extra simply stab armored enemies.

The self-conscious ethical waxing isn’t sufficient to utterly spoil an in any other case compelling, although at occasions overstuffed, story, however it’s a hole and distracting try and justify its emphasis on artistic killing. If builders regularly really feel the necessity to soften their motion with self-reflective commentary on violence, maybe it’s time for these studios to discover new methods to play — ones that higher replicate the tales they need to inform.

Bettering on the unique

Although its narrative struggles to align with its gameplay, Requiem solidifies Asobo Studio as one of many best stealth builders round right now. Like A Plague Story: Innocence, making it via a chapter right here requires a mixture of cautious sneaking, puzzle-like navigation, and a contact of alchemy. Every of these parts has been expanded in Requiem, making it really feel like there’s no golden path via any given stealth part.

As an illustration, I’m given far more decisions when confronted with a guard this time round. Just like the earlier sport, I’ve the choice to sneak round one quietly, kill him by launching a rock at his head with my sling, or flip stray rats in opposition to him through the use of crafting sources that’ll extinguish flames, which act as protected zones from the light-sensitive creatures. Amicia has a couple of extra recipes at her disposal although, as she will use tar to create a flammable zone or increase photographs with an odor that’ll lure rats. So when making an attempt to filter out two guards directly, I may launch a pot of tar at them and comply with up with an ignifer slingshot that lights them up. Alternately, I may launch a pot of extinguis at them, placing out each their torches and the vampire they’re standing round, serving the rats a feast. Or maybe I may go away them alone totally, sneaking via an adjoining constructing as a substitute and easily tossing a rock to trigger a sound distraction.

Requiem’s power as a sequel largely comes right down to its added selection.

Every software could be augmented with each alchemy sort by way of a extra streamlined weapon wheel, and that’s somewhat change that goes a great distance. It’s a lot simpler to pick out a software, shortly cycle over to an ammo sort, craft a couple of photographs, and let it rip, permitting me to be way more reactive if one thing goes flawed. With the choice to pour any combination right into a pot that may trigger an space impact, I’m capable of assume somewhat larger and extra creatively as I deal with a bit.

That positively impacts the fundamental navigation too. Particular sections of the sport drive Amicia to make her approach via an space filled with rats through the use of her instruments to distract them and create fiery protected zones. This time, it feels much less like there’s one answer to every puzzle. I can use tar to increase a flame’s vary, throw a pot of ignifer to briefly scare off rats, or launch a smelly arrow into wooden to attract the rodents’ consideration. If I get swarmed, I can use a pyrite whip as a last-ditch effort to combat the herd again for a couple of seconds. There are extra selections to be made in any given part, loosening any restrictions current within the first sport.

Amicia sneaks in the grass in A Plague Tale: Requiem.

Requiem’s power as a sequel largely comes right down to its added selection. Fairly than displaying its full hand upfront, it’s all the time introducing new instruments, alchemy recipes, and AI companions that deliver a particular twist each few chapters. In a single part, I’m touring with a knight who I can sic on guards like an assault canine. In one other, I’m with a accomplice who can use a crystal to replicate a flame’s mild and create a shifting protected zone. Every concept brings a momentary twist to the established method that deepens its potential for puzzles.

The one slipup comes when Requiem tries to lean into motion. A number of scenes throw Amicia into battles the place she has to take down waves of guards. Contemplating that her arsenal is solely a rock that must be wound up earlier than throwing and a crossbow that may solely maintain a couple of photographs directly, these busier encounters stretch the boundaries of instruments meant for use in a methodical trend. Amicia additionally dies in a single or two hits, which works in a stealth setting, however turns into immensely irritating when making an attempt to combat enemies in small arenas whereas archers with magnetic purpose hearth from behind. A number of of those encounters left me with dozens of demise screens.

The fight subject is interlinked with Requiem’s narrative woes. In making an attempt to pump up the scope with extra straight motion, Requiem creates issues for itself. Programs initially constructed for stealth aren’t a neat match for quicker motion set items, and characters spend a number of of those scenes making an attempt to contextualize the violence in a compelled method. Requiem feels extra snug when it’s not making an attempt to comply with in The Final of Us’ footsteps.

Actually attractive

Although components of the sequel battle to maintain up with an elevated scope, that’s definitely not an issue on the technical facet. Requiem is among the best-looking video games I’ve performed on this still-new console era, punching properly above its weight class. With Amicia and Hugo departing their plague-infested hometown, Asobo Studio will get extra alternatives to color colourful European landscapes filled with vibrant greenery and vivid flowers. That creates a extra hanging juxtaposition any time gamers are tossed right into a rundown village that’s been ravaged by rats.

It makes for a few of the most jaw-dropping imagery I’ve ever seen in a sport.

Later moments lean into sublimely supernatural imagery, permitting the artists to construct extra otherworldly areas. Each second — each the gorgeous and horrific — are rendered with an astonishing quantity of element that I’d count on from a heavily-funded Sony unique, not a sequel to a modest sport that bordered on “eurojank” territory.

Requiem’s most spectacular (and grotesque) magic trick comes from its literal tidal wave of rats. Upping the sequence’ ante within the wildest approach potential, rodents don’t simply passively hold round in swarms this time. Extra cinematic sequences discover Amicia sprinting away from tens of hundreds of rats as they swallow whole cities behind her like a monsoon. It makes for a few of the most jaw-dropping imagery I’ve ever seen in a sport, pushing the boundaries of recent tech to create the form of spectacular imagery that may make video video games such a particular medium.

Amicia and Hugo walk towards a building in A Plague Tale: Requiem.

A Plague Story: Requiem offers with the complexities of rising up, and that theme is sarcastically baked into the sport itself. It learns from its predecessors’ errors to create a beautiful journey with extra confidence and character. Nonetheless, that development spurt presents some awkward challenges, because the sequel struggles to steadiness its personal id with what’s anticipated from a extra mature sport in right now’s panorama. Chalk it as much as some adolescent rising pains — we’ve all been there.

A Plague Story: Requiem was reviewed on an Xbox Sequence X hooked as much as a TCL 6-Sequence R635.

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