Curious Youngsters: Why is the solar’s environment hotter than its floor?

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Hannah Schunker, Lecturer of Physics, College of Newcastle

David Pontin, Affiliate Professor of Physics, College of Newcastle

Why is the solar’s environment hotter than its floor? — Olivia, age 9, Canberra

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Hello Olivia, that is an incredible query! In actual fact, it is such an incredible query many scientists all over the world try to reply it.

The reality of the matter is — we don’t know! However we do have some concepts about the place the power that heats the solar’s environment may be coming from, and it has loads to do with the solar’s magnetic subject. Let me clarify what this implies.

The temperature of the solar

Warmth is created within the very heart of the solar, at its core, the place the temperature is a blistering 27 million levels Celsius. And identical to strolling away from a campfire, the temperature will get cooler additional away from the core.

The temperature of the solar’s floor is about 6,000 levels C, which implies it is a lot cooler than the core. Additionally, it continues to chill down for a brief distance above the floor.

However greater above the floor, within the environment, the temperature abruptly shoots as much as greater than one million levels! So there should be one thing that is heating the solar’s environment. However we will not simply discover out what it’s.

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The secret’s the solar’s magnetic subject

The main concept amongst specialists is the solar’s magnetic subject is definitely bringing power from contained in the solar up by means of its floor and into its environment.

Like Earth, the solar has a magnetic subject. We are able to think about a magnetic subject as invisible strains connecting the north and south poles of a star or planet.

We won’t see magnetic fields, however we all know they’re there as a result of we now have objects that react to them. For instance, a compass needle on Earth will all the time level to the North Pole as a result of it strains up with Earth’s magnetic subject.

Here you can see how Earth’s magnetic field extends out into space and loops back. The red end is the North magnetic pole and the white end is the South pole.

Right here you’ll be able to see how Earth’s magnetic subject extends out into area and loops again. The purple finish is the north magnetic pole and the white finish is the south pole. (Picture credit score: Shutterstock)

Whereas the solar additionally has a north and south pole, its magnetic subject behaves in a different way to Earth’s and appears loads messier. On the floor of the solar, the magnetic subject strains seem like many loops rising up out of the floor into the environment — and these loops are altering on a regular basis.

If the loops contact one another they’ll trigger sudden explosions of huge quantities of power that warmth up the environment. We additionally know there are waves touring alongside the magnetic subject strains bringing power up. Might they be accountable for heating the environment?

Is it a mixture of the waves and the explosions, or one thing else altogether? Having the ability to measure the solar’s magnetic subject would actually assist us perceive what is going on on.

That is what we expect the solar’s magnetic subject strains may seem like if we may see them developing from its floor. (Picture credit score: NASA)

Measuring the magnetic subject

Magnetic fields could also be invisible, however we will nonetheless measure them as a result of they make small modifications to the sunshine that comes from the solar. The floor of the solar may be very shiny, so it is simple to see modifications within the gentle coming from the floor, and measure the magnetic subject there.

However the solar’s environment is so scorching the sunshine there may be not seen anymore. Moderately it makes X-rays, that are a sort of sunshine we will not see! Even when we use particular X-ray telescopes, the X-rays from the solar’s environment are too dim for us to determine what the magnetic subject within the environment appears to be like like.

The excellent news is there’s a model new satellite tv for pc, NASA’s Parker Photo voltaic Probe, which is now orbiting near the solar (however not too shut) and truly flying by means of the magnetic subject to measure it. We needs to be receiving plenty of thrilling new info from it over the subsequent 5 years.

These magnetic subject measurements will convey us nearer to understanding what’s making the environment of the solar, and different stars, a lot hotter than their floor.

NASA's Solar Parker Probe is about the size of a car.

NASA’s Photo voltaic Parker Probe is in regards to the measurement of a automobile. (Picture credit score: NASA)

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