Please helpFactor completely (4 points each):-9x^4+12963x^6-1029y^95a^5b^10+60a^3b^5x^2+180ax^49x^2y^2-27x^2y-72y^2+216y

Accepted Solution

Answer:9[12 - x²][12 + x²]-3[-x² + 7y³][x⁴ + 7y³x² + 49y⁶]5a[a²b⁵ + 6x²]²9y[3 - y[8 - x²] Step-by-step explanation:Factor out the Greatest Common Factor [GCF], meaning that some terms in the order they are have to have those exact same terms along with the least degree term possible, and for the coefficients, they have to be divisible by some sort.If you are ever in need of assistance, do not hesitate to let me know by subscribing to my You-Tube channel [USERNAME: MATHEMATICS WIZARD], and as always, I am joyous to assist anyone at any time.