On your wedding day your lover gives you a gold ring of mass 3.6 g. 52 years later its mass is 3.35 g. On the average how many atoms were abrated from the ring during each second of your marriage

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]7.646 * 10^{23}[/tex] atomsStep-by-step explanation:First we find the mass of gold that was lost during the 52 years.Mass lost = 3.6 g - 3.35 g = 0.25 gSecondly we find the mass of each atom using gold's relative atomic mass.mass of a gold atom = 196.96657 amu * [tex]1.66*10^{-27}[/tex] kg/amu                                    = [tex]3.2696 * 10^{-25}[/tex] per atom of goldThirdly now we can calculate the number of gold atoms lost by dividing the mass of gold lost by the mass of each gold atom.number of gold atoms lost = [tex]\frac{0.25 g}{3.2696*10^{-25} g/atom}[/tex]                                              =[tex] 7.646 * 10^{23}[/tex] atoms