i need to find surface area of a cylinder. Formula being used: S.A= L x W + [tex]2\pi \: r {}^{2} [/tex]The given diameter: 6ydgiven length: 12yd​

Accepted Solution

Answer:90π yd²Step-by-step explanation:the surface area of a cylinder is the sum of the lateral area and twice the aera of one end of the cylinder:  π·d·l, where l represents the length of the cylinder.  Here, the lateral surface area is π·6 yd·12 yd, or 72π yd².The two ends add the following to the total surface area:2·π·(d/2)², or 2π·d²/4.Thus, the total surface area of the cyl. isA = 2π·(6 yd)²/4 + 72π yd², orA = 18π yd² + 72π yd² = 90π yd²Note:  Please check your source.  L x W +  2pi ·r ^2 is incorrect.