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Role of Daycares

Parenting involves all activities that promote as well as support physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. From an infant into adulthood, a person goes through parenting. In most cases, parenting is offered by the biological parents to the child although in other situations it can be done by older siblings, legal guardians, grandparents, family members as well as family friends. In situations where a child may be orphaned or be abandoned by the family members, he/she may be adopted by individuals who they are not related to but they offer parental care such as foster parents or orphanages. Licensing of these foster care families and orphanages is very important to ensure that they do not carry out illegal activities with these children hence the government and the society comes in to monitor and evaluate their work. Parental care varies among various parents with those who offer good guidance in all aspects to their children being known as good parents.

There are various factors that influence parenting such as wealth, culture, social class as well as the incomes. The wealth, social class and incomes play a role in parenting as in the resources and opportunities that are made available to the child or children. There are parents who might be travelling a lot affecting their parenting since they have little time to spend with their children. In such a situation for the travelling parent, the services of a daycare provider will come in hand to take care of the children during the day. It might be hard to get a good daycare where one can leave their child or children more so for a travelling parent but with proper search, they will be able to get a daycare near them. A good daycare provider should be able to love the children honestly and genuinely so that they can be able to take good care of the children. Taking care of the children requires that the daycare provider be a natural nurturer and warm to people where they can be able show affection to the children. Since the parents are not available to offer parental care to children, a daycare provider should be able to enhance physical, social, emotional and intellectual development and growth in the children.

For the travelling parent, there are various ways in which they can talk to their children to ensure that the child or children understands that they can spend the day with the parent but in a daycare. A parent should give the child the details regarding leaving them especially based on the child temperament and age and give all the details needed. When leaving a child, the parent should avoid tough goodbyes such as prolonging the departures, sneaking away from the child, displaying some guilt about leaving the child as well as acting anxious.

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