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Tips for Planning a Trekking Trip in Nepal

Nepal’s challenging trekking trails are a must-conquer for any trekking enthusiast. Trekking in Nepal offers an unforgettable experience. Before you go for a trek, you should prepare well. Choose a trekking trail that is suitable for your adventure. Here are three important tips to keep in mind before going trekking in Nepal.

Beware of the Weather
When planning a trekking trip to Nepal, you should have 2 to 3 days of contingency days. This is because the mountains can be full of surprises. The unpredictability of the mountain weather is another reason why you need some contingency days. Sometimes, bad weather may make internal flights to the trekking areas to be canceled or delayed. This is why planning 2 or 3 days contingency is important. When flights are delayed but you have some contingency days, you will not be worried about getting off-track your vacation.

There are many attractions that you can see in Nepal. Therefore, even if your flights get delayed, you will not be bored. In case of a delay, you can relax your body and save your strength.

Relying on Local Guides
It is important to decide beforehand whether you will be working with local porters and guides. If you are not familiar with the language and culture of the Nepali mountain communities, it would be advisable to hire a local guide to help you. The guide will not only help you make it through the trekking trails but will also provide insight about the lifestyle and culture of the communities where you will be trekking.

A local guide can take you through all the popular trekking trails in Nepal. You can also hire a porter if you have heavy luggage that you would need to carry during your trek. However, remember that a guide would not accept to work as a porter too. Most porters do not speak English.

Learn About the Local Communities
As you walk around the mountainous regions of Nepal where most trekking trails are found, you will hear of people called “Sherpas’. From the way they are addressed, you would think Sherpas refer to porters or guides. This, however, is not what the word refers to. The Sherpa is a tribe of locals that live in the mountain region of Nepal. These people regularly help trekkers as guides or porters. However, not all of them offer these helping services. However, this does not mean that any porter or guide you come across is a Sherpa. This is why you should not refer to the guides and porters as Sherpas if you are not sure.

Nepal boasts of many trekking trails that will challenge even experienced outdoors enthusiasts. Keep the three tips above in mind when planning to go trekking in Nepal.

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