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Top Four Uses of Custom Resistors That You Should Know

We all must be aware of the fact that custom resistors are essential for the running of our day to day activities. The running of our daily lives would be virtually impossible without these components. Before we can look into those uses, it is important that we establish certain concepts in electricity since this is important for our understanding of the different uses of custom resistors.

The unidirectional flow of electricity via a conductor is what gives rise to an electric current. This current is made up of electrons. In order to regulate the number of electrons flowing in a circuit, it is key to employ some resistance via the use of electronic devices known as resistors. Following our below discussion, you will find out that the applications for these electrical devices are really numerous.

The first application of resistors is where they are used in circuits to form the timing mechanism that can be used in a number of cases. For resistors to work in this way, they have to be connected together with capacitors. The many day to day uses of lighting flashers, auto sirens and many other timing mechanisms rely on this mechanism. The timing mechanism works by allowing charge to fill in a capacitor only bit by bit as is permitted by the resistor that is connected to it.

Capacitors are made to hold electric charge thus by regulating the amount of electricity that goes into them using custom resistors, we can decide the time that is needed to feel a given capacitor with electric charge. Once the capacitor is filled with charge, then a burst of energy is released and this forms the timing mechanism such as is used in a car siren. The energy is released at intervals whose timing is controlled by the resistance that is applied to the circuit.

Finally, to ensure that there is the division of voltage that is dissipated across the components of an electrical circuit, it is imperative that there is the use of custom resistors. The division of the volatage in this regard happens when the voltage passes through resistors of either equal or different values. The need for this is to ensure that appliances that cannot directly be connected to the main owing to their low power ratings are powered. Further to that, in any application where lower voltages are needed, the concept of voltage division can be implemented by ensuring that current flows in a circuit are varied depending on the varying amounts of resistance applied to those circuits. When resistors are used in this pattern to cause voltage division, they are said to be connected in a daisy chain. These daisy chains have been applied in different electrical appliances.

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